Priority User Service

The Priority User Service is the UK's and Ireland's oldest and most trusted emergency disaster recovery service for libraries, archives, museums, record offices and businesses.

Who subscribes?

Over 800 institutions currently subscribe, thus securing priority access to our salvage teams and restoration facilities, a vital assurance when further deterioration to paper after water-damage is so time-critical and is preventable by swift stabilisation through freezing. To get a flavour of the range and calibre of our Priority User clients, please click here.

Why should I join?

Priority Users enjoy enhanced access and service levels to Harwell which are designed to

  • Maximise the speed of reaction and recovery effort
  • Minimise further deterioration and requirement for conservation
  • Provide peace of mind
  • Reassurance from our experience
  • Reduce overall claim costs
  • Mitigate business / service interruption

For Priority Users with irreplaceable or valuable special collections or archives, or those with business critical information, assurance that a specialist response is on hand whenever your disaster occurs is absolutely critical. Approximately 25% of our average of 450 instructions per year come directly from Priority Users and all are responded to within 24 hours of the initial call, most within 6 hours.

It's also good to know that it's not just you - every other building and department within your company, council, university or institution will also be entitled to the benefits, regardless of its location nationwide. This makes the Priority User Service exceptionally good value.

To find out more about the enhanced service levels Priority Users enjoy, please click here.